Your trip is coming soon, you get one of the hundreds notifications in your business day. But you need to pack, prepare for the trip purpose, communicate with clients traveling with you next day…… and of course you really want to enjoy the flight time sitting your preffred direction and skipping the ques to the ckeck-in desck. Using application or visiting the airline website and entering your data, any option takes of your precoius time and if pasport data are required it is a kind of boring.

So, the smartest solution is keeping the airlines attitude – let someone do it for you.

By shareing your preferences – window, aisle, middle seat, in the front or at the tail- with your PUFFINS Travel personal travrel agent you will always have booked the exact seat at reservation stage, when available. This guarantees you a couple of things. First  when the check—in is open (for most airlines 24 hours before the flight, sometimes 48,5 or 36 hours, always  need to check) your seat at the map will be your preffered one, there is no need to fight for it. Second all your frequent flyer details will be already entered at the reservation stage and you will automatically collect your points. You decide if receiving you board card by e-mail, phone or already printed, what most suits your habits. It is even not necessary to keep it with you for accounting reasons, it is sent to the relevant person in your company. And the finance manager will love this – this travel agent services are all included in the standard service fee.

Anyway if you like doing online check-in by your self you can spend some time at by TripAdvisor and find your particular flight machine, read the seat reviews, see travelers pictures, and seat rating and advices, get details of the meals and services on the plane.

Have in mind that even if online check-in is available, mobile boarding passes are only available in select cities. If yours is not one of them, you will have to print your boarding pass. Some airlines do not offer online check-in at all or for some locations.