As every beginning the first flight is coming hand by hand with lots of questions and unknowns, adding pressure in the daily live. The situation becomes even more complicated when words like “business” and “with clients” are part of the situation.

I remember my first flight. Some months before it I chose traveling by car of two days, only because I did not want to travel by plane with my new colleagues. I was lucky, my first flying experience was very soon after that with my friends.

With years I had so many flights, that I became a travel consultant for my new colleagues about their first business trips, explaining what documents to keep for accounting reasons, etc. There are new employees in every company, and if they are new to the business trips and for sure new to the company policies and procedures the situation gets really stressful.

The travel formalities of every flight are not a few. When you are a leisure traveler, you are the one asking questions, not the one delivering the answers. I am just mentioning the dynamic times of constant changes on airports, airlines, services and procedures.

About its regular clients, whose internal procedures we are aware, Puffins travel specialists are able to perform an individual and strictly confidential conversation with the company professionals about our specialty the “business traveling”.