Whet it comes to travel I have my golden rule: “Take baggage that you are able to carry on your own.” This ususally means the most necesarry items and some free space for gifts on the way back. Of course on a business trip gadgets are essential and sometimes live saving. Beside the smartphone and corporate laptop here are some other proposals deserving consideration to carry-on.

Power bank (portable charger)

It is live saving for a person like me, who realizes the battery is down when it is below 20%. Nowdays mobiles are constantly “doing” something and the baterry is running fast.

Of course consider the parameters – it should be used al least 3 times and needs to be light and compact. If the power bank is powerful enough it may be used for a tablet or other devices as well.

Universal (All-in-One) Plug Adapter

Again “stay-connected” gadget, but it is so important in the business field.

And give me a favour – forget about all of that gadgets when on vacation.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

It allows you to stay only with the noices you want to. During a flight or at the airport, when you want to nap or just to concentrate of your tasks. Also possible to use them for calls, music and definitely people around see you do not want to be desturbed for a small talks.

USB Flash Drive

Clouds may be accessible from anywhere, but not suitable for sharing a particular file with a particular person. For example hotel receptionist being asked to print a few pages for you. Or moving files from one device to another offline. And yes, we are all doing personal thing using the company devices.


If suitable for the job and the trip – just take it.

The ease of traveling light and the comfort of having all the functionalities with you is impossible to replace. Usually the battery has longer live than a laptop and it is just a metter of getting used to write e-mails on the touch screen.

A great combination is the laptop touch screen, but it is a topoic for another article.


If you prefer it electronic. In my opinion I can fully cope with the tablet, and yes – I am old school and love the paper feeling. So what I have heard is the ease of reading and the amonunt of books stored.

Portable Hard Drive/Wireless Router

A bit about IT pros, it allows them to convert a wired connection into a secure wireless network to which they can connect multiple devices, as well as providing backup storage.

Light and compact most of the devices have also the function of power bank.

Smart Suitcase

In the tech century when almost anything can be turned into a gadget it is harder and harder to get surprised. Connected to your smartphone you will ever know where your luggage is, how heavy it is and whether it has been opened. Some smart suitcases even provide the ability to charge devices through a USB connection.